About Ibizmn

Biz Match is a leading business organization based in Europe and Middle East. The Group offers a wide range of services in General Trading, Business Development Assistance and Investment Consulting. Our role is the key link between suppliers and clients. We help our partners in growing and adding value to their business and enable them to achieve lasting success.

These tailored services range from the provision of market reports, leads and exhibition space to other, more extensive, services, such as the organization of highly customized trade missions that attend to the specific needs of participants.

Our mission is to become a powerful provider and leader offering highest quality products & services with integrity, commitment and a professional approach. Our priority is to make clients & principals equally successful in our deals.

Entering a foreign market demands an in-depth understanding of the different local realities and regulations. As embodied by our company name, Biz Match & consulting’s aim is to support growing companies and promising entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world with their internationalization process.

We give consultation and organize Business Trip, Workshop, Seminar, and Fair for European and American Companies in order to discover and evaluate the true potential of the Iranian Market.

Every step of the way we will be with you, and will help you to find a potential partner and/or establish a new branch for your business. We are ready to help you to overcome the language and cultural barriers.